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Ryan Thrash


Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of MODX

Passionate about all things Open Source and MODX, Ryan has empowered millions of developers over the past decade to be able to create dynamic web experiences without being limited by the tools they use to build them.

Vitaly Friedman


Editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine

Needing no introduction, Vitaly Friedman will be speaking about technologies, strategies and workflows that are and will be shaping web design, and why it all matters.

Kiran Patel


Engineering Director at Shutterstock

Kiran Patel is an Engineering Director at Shutterstock, managing teams within Shutterstock’s Enterprise and Editorial business. He is an experienced technologist with a track record of building and scaling an idea to a multi-million dollar business.

Anselm Hannemann


Frontend Developer and Open Source Advocate

An active participant in making the web better, Anselm has been involved in many open source projects including the Open Device Lab, Responsive Images Community Group and he shares his insights on the Working Draft podcast.

Hans Christian Reinl

Christian Reinl

Cutting Edge Web developer & Open Source Advocate

A core developer of HTML5 Boilerplate, Hans is passionate about writing modular and expressive code for clean, performant and accessible software. He helps make the web better by sharing his knowledge via the Working Draft podcast.

Jens Külzer


Self-employed IT consultant

He has worked as an IT consultant formerly where he planned and implemented monitoring systems for Microsoft infrastructures in large DAX companies (up to thousands of servers). After becoming self-employed and switching his focus from servers to web, he is now on a mission to draw any webworkers' attention to a more professional service operation for their sites.

Chris Cherrett


User Experience Developer at Adido and extras.io

Following on from MODXWeekend 2014, Chris has been working with Mark Willis building extras.io and launching their new extras Preview and Workflow. Working mostly behind the scenes, Chris leads Adido's Creative Studio and User Experience projects.

Menno Pietersen


Responsive web design and MODX development specialist

His company is Any Screen Size where he also blogs about web design, development and MODX. Menno also loves to design and develop MODX themes, these are available at MPThemes. When Menno is not online he is probably having fun with his 1 year old daughter Fenna or enjoying the finer things in life.

Ivan Klimchuk


Software Developer, MODX and Open Source Evangelist

He is founder of the local MODX community (modx.by) in Belarus, and a MODX Ambassador. His small company Alroniks Experts provides MODX development services and other web-technologies. They also develop and sell custom MODX Extras.

Andrew Smith


Web Developer with a love for Open Source

Better known in the MODX community for MODX London meetup and his MODX extra Formz. Work on various open source projects and have experience in both backend and frontend technologies, a core contributor to Slim Framework and a general all around helper to developers looking to learn more.

Steven James McLean

James McLean

Frontend & Backend Developer and MODX Security Expert

Coming from a Microsoft oriented background with limited knowledge in PHP, Steve was introduced to MODX on his first day at Zheta International in 2010 (still working there at present). It was love at first site and since then has no regrets in ditching .Net development.

Mark Hamstra


CEA at modmore and MODX Specialist

His company provides premium extras with great support and documentation, and other initiatives meant to help MODXers around like MODX.today.

Gauke Pieter Sietzema

Pieter Sietzema

Co-founder and Lead developer of Sterc

Sterc is a Dutch internet & marketing Agency. Sterc maintains various MODX extras like SEO Pro, SEO Tab, Formit and the Google Analytics Dashboard. Gauke will be diving into the Slim framework and MODX!

Julian Weaver


Solutions Explorer & Director, Finetuned

Julian is a generalist developer with 20+ years experience, He likes to use a wide range of frontend technologies & MODX has been his backend of choice since 2010. He runs Finetuned; a creative company providing technical and consultative services for artists, galleries & research institutions.

Romain Tripault


Freelance MODX Developer and Dedicated Community Member

Romain has been dedicated to the MODX CMF for years and will be there at the MODXpo sharing his insights into the creation of CMPs (Custom Manager Pages).

Susan Ottwell


MODX Specialist and Long-Time Community Supporter

A self-taught grandmother of eight who has been learning programming and system administration for over 20 years, with nearly 15 years in PHP, and with MODX from its beginning.

Web Design & Workflow
Content Management
Frontend Development
Backend Development

Come join like-minded MODX professionals and have an amazing exchange of ideas about the role of MODX in the future, MODX development techniques, workflow, web technology in general, and expand your professional network!


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